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Edna Thomas (22)
Maritime Security Market Analysis and Professional Outlook 2018 to 2025

Hi, Edna is the name. I'm the lead content creator for B2B Gazette. I'm a journalist with over ten years of experience in online news production and have been in the editorial scene for Daily Mail. You can reach out to me via Grazie!

EMAIL: | PHONE: +1 778 8079744

Georgia Brooks (18)
Equipment Breakdown Insurance Market Latest Industry Trends and Outlook 2018 to 2025

I've been in the news industry for over ten years and have worked with multiple news organizations in the past. I'm fond of covering investigative headlines, issues that require research to understand its purpose entirely. Catch my editorials every Friday here in B2B Gazette.

EMAIL: | PHONE: +1 778 3819967

Sophie Hicks (18)
Bioprocess Technology Market Study, Synthesis and Summation 2018

Hi, I'm Sophie. Aside from running my dropshipping business, I also contribute informative news pieces to various news medium. Writing has been a passion of mine and serving the global population with unbiased and uninfluenced news reports is a dream of mine.

EMAIL: | PHONE: +1 778 3827460

Arnold Holland (21)
Endovenous Laser Treatment Market Advanced Medical Research 2018

I'm a professional journalist with over five years of experience in online news curation. Aside from B2B Gazette, I also contribute to Ars Technica, Daily Mail, and other privately owned blogs.

EMAIL: | PHONE: +1 778 3827510